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Jeans available in 36in (91cm) and 38in (97cm) inseams

Alto Clothing has been created to help tall men with their clothing needs. If you are a man who is tall and slim and who has difficulty finding clothing that fits then Alto Clothing is the place for you. In a world where 'big' seems always to go with 'tall', finding clothes to look good in can be a real problem. Our emphasis is on tall men’s clothing that fit a slim body shape.

If you are over 6ft 3in (1.9m) and have an inseam (inside leg) of over 34in (86cm) and a waist size up to 40in (102cm) we have a range of trousers, jeans, tops and jackets to fit you.

Alto Clothing is a tall men’s clothing specialist based in the UK that ships all over the world. We have satisfied customers in Europe, North America and Australia.

We just sell online, so while you may be used to paying a premium for clothing in the sizes you need, our lower overheads mean that we're able to offer great value throughout our range. Combine this with our great customer service and returns policy and Alto Clothing is the website for you if you are looking for tall men’s clothing.

Our goal is one day to offer a complete wardrobe covering all the essentials. With choice and value for money our main focus